TikTok Star Drove Hours For Montreal Bagels For His Ex & She Still Rejected Him (Video)
  • In a now-viral video, a New Jersey resident shares his experience driving 8 hours to get Montreal bagels to prove his love for his ex.
  • The journey didn't go quite as planned, however.
  • Watch the video below.

How far would you go to prove your love? One man drove 8 hours to pick up Montreal bagels in hopes of winning over the heart of an ex. In a now-viral TikTok video, the gentleman recounts the hilarious story of dedication involving the popular St. Viateur Bagel shop in the Mile End. Although this story does not have the happiest of endings, it did end the age-old Montreal versus New York bagel wars.

The mastermind behind the video is a sweet, kind, hopeless romantic named Michael Mellul, known on Instagram and Tik Tok as @shishatribe.

Michael was born in Montreal but currently lives in New Jersey and told MTL Blog that, as he began his bagel-inspired journey, the direction of his video shifted.

"I was really fighting for this girl's heart because I am a romantic who goes above and beyond for the ones I love," — cue the tears!

"Once it turned sour, I took the opportunity to express my feelings in the best way I can, and that is through content," stated Mellul. Watch the journey on his TikTok channel by clicking below:


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He went on to profess his love for creating and sharing original content on all of his social media platforms. "I love to see my videos come to life."

The video has been reposted by many, including Instagram user @daquan, who has over 13.6 million followers.


Once he realized how fast the video was spreading, he found it difficult to read the negative comments.

"People were saying how I was played and made a fool of myself."

He even stated that he had come to terms with the notion that he was crowned "king simp."

The ex that inspired the video reached out to him but he prefers to keep her anonymous.

"Girls [get] put on blast all the time and it can really affect a person. I still wanted to protect her from the backlash."

Seriously, this guy is too sweet!


I needed to investigate the bagel situation a little more and asked him why he chose St. Viateur over Fairmount.

"St. Viateur is near my grandmother's house and I have been going there since I was little." 

His ex is from New York, but Michael exposed her to the greatness of Montreal bagels and she quickly realized their superiority.

"She converted to them and whenever I would visit my family I would bring them back for her."

Michael wants to thank all of those who reached out to him and shared good vibes. "It has really given me a sense of closure and a positive outlook on the situation."

For any of you ladies looking for a man who will go the distance for you, Michael Mellul is that guy.

And, as a bonus, he respects Montreal bagels and has a sense of humor... jackpot!