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Tim Hortons Is Now Officially Available For Delivery In Montreal

Your Timmies run just got a lot easier.
Tim Hortons Is Now Officially Available For Delivery In Montreal

The truth is there is no shortage of delivery options when it comes to couch-dining in Montreal, but another choice can never hurt. So Montrealers can now rejoice that the Canadian coffee and donut staple Time Hortons is available for delivery through SkipTheDishes in the city. Uber Eats just recently started delivering Starbucks in Montreal, but because this is Canada, I'm certain there were people that continued to yearn for Tim Hortons delivery, instead.

Now, caffeine cravers in the downtown area can opt for the Canadian staple when looking for coffee delivery in Montreal. 

Living in Côte-des-Neiges, I was unable to get Tim Hortons delivery, but I checked a couple addresses around the Concordia area and was greeted with the option of ordering from Timmies via the SkipTheDishes app.

So, it may take some time for the whole of Montreal to benefit from this new partnership between SkipTheDishes and Tim Hortons.

You can download the SkipTheDishes app here on its website in order to keep tabs on the Timmies delivery situation across Montreal.

We spoke with a SkipTheDishes spokesperson who let us know that Tim Hortons has been available through the service in Montreal since mid-December, 2019.

Though, SkipTheDishes has been serving up Tim Hortons delivery in a handful of other Canadian cities since July 2018. The original launch brought delivery to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Ottawa.

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SkipTheDishes also has plans to expand further throughout Quebec "in the coming months," the SkipTheDishes spokesperson also told us. 

We were also informed that Canadians have some clear favourites when it comes to a Timmies delivery.

The top orders on SkipTheDishes from Tim Hortons are classic coffees, Iced Capps, and Timbits. 

No surprise there!

You can download the SkipTheDishes app here to see if you're in the delivery zone.

To drool over Tim Hortons' new "Dream Donuts," check them out on Instagram here.

To check out the other restaurants that are open for delivery on SkipTheDishes, visit its website here.

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