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Tim Hortons Smile Cookies Are Back This Fall & Here’s Why That Matters

Who knew making a difference could be so delicious?

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Tim Hortons Smile Cookies Are Back This Fall & Here’s Why That Matters

Mark your calendars and get your taste buds ready — it's almost Tim Hortons' Smile Cookie Week.

A yearly initiative, Smile Cookie Week is a special time of year when Tims’ signature chocolate-chip cookies are decorated with a smile and transformed into an easy opportunity to give back to your community.

While these treats are delicious, what makes the week seriously sweet is the fact that each of these special cookies purchased at your local, participating Tim Hortons supports charities and community groups in your own backyard.

Yup, every time you buy a Smile Cookie (or two or three) from September 19-25, 100% of the proceeds go right back into the community.

You can check out which of your local Tim Hortons is participating and where exactly the proceeds will be donated to with this handy map.

Canadians across the country get to enjoy a dessert whose imperfections (like the lopsided smiles) just add to the charm. Besides, who can say no to a little bit of frosting?

Bonus: these cookies are soft, fresh and made with the perfect amount of chocolate chips.

Since kicking off in 1996, the Smile Cookie initiative has only been getting sweeter, with the program supporting over 900 communities and over 600 charities and community groups throughout Canada today.

That's over $75 million raised since the initiative first began. It's pretty awesome to know that something so simple can make such a big difference.

Plus, Tim Hortons is partnering with some acclaimed Canadian athletes, Penny Oleksiak and Marie-Philip Poulin, to help celebrate the special week.

While you can pick up a Smile Cookie at your local Tims, you can also enjoy the sweet treat (and the even sweeter feeling of knowing what you're contributing to) without leaving the couch.

Visit the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Map to find a participating location near you, place your order online and wait for the scent of some fresh-baked cookies at your doorstep.

Feeling extra generous? Surprise your co-workers with a midday snack or treat your friends during your next hangout. If you’re bringing some in for the whole office, download the pre-order form on the Tim Hortons' website and submit larger orders to your local Tims at least 48 hours in advance of pickup.

There are also other ways to donate if you're not in a cookie kind of mood. You can buy the cutest Smile Cookie pin (the proceeds will be donated) or simply make a cash donation.

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons' Smile Cookies are here for a short but sweet time. Whether you're picking up a box for your fall road trip or grabbing a little pick-me-up during the workday, this is a yummy opportunity to give back to your own community. It's a lot to smile about.

Tim Hortons’ Smile Cookie Week

When: September 19-25, 2022

Address: Visit the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Map to find a participating location near you.

Why You Need To Go: These tasty treats are here for one week only, and 100% of the proceeds support charities and community groups in your neighborhood.


To learn more about Tim Hortons' Smile Cookie Week, check out their website and follow them on Instagram or Twitter and subscribe to them on YouTube.