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Tony Hawk Is Coming To Montreal This Summer To Host The Vans Park Series Pro Tour

Montreal's Olympic Park is officially a skateboard hot spot.
Tony Hawk Is Coming To Montreal This Summer To Host The Vans Park Series Pro Tour
  • The Vans Park Series Pro Tour is coming to Montreal in the summer of 2020 and bringing with it legend Tony Hawk.
  • Hawk will provide "colour commentary" at the event.
  • Get all the details here!

The Vans Park Series Pro Tour is celebrating its fifth edition this year and we found out today that Montreal will be one of the 2020 qualifier locations, along with Paris, before the World Championships go down in Salt Lake City. Perhaps even more exciting is the news that Tony Hawk will be returning to provide "colour commentary" for the competition as part of the live broadcast programming. The qualifiers are happening on June 20 in Paris and July 11 in Montreal, before the big competition on August 29 in Salt Lake City.

You may remember that Hawk made an appearance in Montreal at Jackalope Fest 2018 where he brought his vert ramp along with his friend and pro BMX rider Mat Hoffman.

Jackalope fest 2020 will go down the weekend of August 14-16 in Montreal at the Parc Olympique. So if the Vans Park Series isn't enough excitement for you in July, there will be plenty more extreme sports to take in this summer.

And maybe if we're lucky, we'll be able to see Hawk at both events... considering there's no confirmation he will skate during the Vans Park Series (VPS) since he has to run the commentary.

Montreal's skate park at the Parc Olympique is a "permanent VPS-certified park terrain legacy skatepark built last year," where Vans hosted a huge free party to celebrate the official opening.

This Montreal park is also the only VPS-certified legacy park in Canada, which could mean we can expect to see the VPS Pro Tour passing through on a regular basis.

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Below is a clip of Hawk along with Alex White and Chris Cote, breaking down the Women's Finals. 

The Vans Park Series provides a competition platform for both men and women while noting that "men and women include anyone who identifies as cisgender, trans, non-binary, and/or gender nonconforming skaters."

This year, the competition is shifting to what Vans is calling a "jam format," an evolution that was apparently requested by skaters to provide a "more organic feel to fuel creativity and progression."

The official invitee list of skaters has yet to be announced, though you can stay up to date by keeping an eye on the Vans Park Series website here.

What you can be sure of is that Tony Hawk will be in Montreal on July 11, alongside Chris Cote, Alex White, and Greyson Fletcher who will all be contributing to the live broadcast programming.

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