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Toronto Has A "Unicorn Poutine" & Offended Quebecers Are Threatening To Separate

Do you think this should be a criminal offence?
Toronto Has A "Unicorn Poutine" & Offended Quebecers Are Threatening To Separate

Poutine is a simple dish consisting of fries, gravy, and cheese curds and it is widely considered Canada's national dish. People LOVE poutine and when a restaurant messes with the tried-and-true formula, people get upset. 

Sure, some of you love your poutine topped with smoked meat or an egg — which is perfectly fine. But some want to watch the world burn and commit heinous crimes against poutine. This is exactly what the chefs at Toronto's Enchanted Poutinerie had in mind when they created this unholy abomination...the Unicorn Poutine

Now full disclosure, I haven't tasted the poutine nor do I intend to (you don't travel to Toronto to eat poutine, mmkay?) but I can just tell that the Unicorn Poutine will both confuse and upset me.

Featuring "rainbow" cheese curds from Quebec and "unicorn" coloured gravy, the poutine looks like a war crime. Is it sweet? Is it salty? Who knows. The only thing I know is that you should keep this thing far away from me. 

Don't take it from me, other Montrealers have also reacted harshly to this atrocity committed by Toronto's Unicorn Poutine. Proving once again that Toronto isn't it, the Unicorn Poutine has otherwise perfectly rational people contemplating separatism. 

Here some of the best responses to the worst thing ever. 

What really confuses me is that the Enchanted Poutinerie in Toronto has the usual menu items on tap such as smoked meat poutine and bacon but then follows it up with mac and cheese poutines and gnocchi poutines. 

Like, okay — that doesn't sound too bad, right? But keep scrolling through the menu and you'll find this: 

Hello, police? Can you pick me up? I'm scared. 

Naturally, people were less than pleased about this unholy creation. The restaurant describes poutine that "will send your tastebuds into a magical place, making you believe that miracles can happen." 

Clearly, the Enchanted Poutinerie didn't get the memo that you don't need to add "unicorn magic" for poutine to make you believe in miracles.

You want a miracle? Here's one: the first bite of a Dan Dan after waiting in line at the Banquise at 1 a.m., drunk, in a blizzard.  

You're right, Andrew, someone should pay for this crime against poutine. 

Others had a more nihilistic response to the news. 

And you all thought we were overreacting? 

Montrealers love their poutine! Word of advice for any restaurant that thinks a Unicorn Poutine is a good idea — just don't. Especially if you're from Toronto. 

Toronto, y'all are cancelled.

What do you think of the Unicorn Poutine? 

If you're in Toronto and want to try the Unicorn Poutine, by all means, go for it but before you bite into that abomination, send us a photo or video @MTLBlog on all social media!

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