Toronto Was Officially Ranked A Better City For Foodies Than Montreal And We're All Super Confused

Montreal is the city all foodies swarm to for some delicious meals available from every type of cuisine you could think of. Whether you're having a craving for egg rolls and pad thai or a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs that'll mentally transport you straight to Italy, everyone knows this city has it all.

Well, everyone except Bott and Co, who just released a list of the Top 50 Foodie Capitals of the World. As expected, New York made first place on the list. But when it comes to Canadian cities fit for foodies, you'd be surprised to see who came out on top.

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TL;DR Bott and Co released a list of The Foodie Capitals of the World, in which Toronto outranked Montreal. Read below for more information on how this was even possible.

No, it was not Montreal. Coming in third place out all the cities in the world is Toronto. Every Montrealer is probably scratching their heads right now at how this was possible. To understand things a bit more, you have to know how Bott and Co actually ranked each city.

Restaurants in each city were analysed through Google Maps and then categorized into a national cuisine. For every different cuisine a city has, their chances of ranking higher on the list improves. It doesn't necessarily mean that those restaurants are better, or even that a city is particularly strong in a single cuisine.

So yes, technically Toronto has us beat when it comes to national cuisines. Overall, the city is host to 73 national cuisines, while Montreal has a strong 58 — tying with Tokyo for spot #11.

What Bott and Co doesn't take note of is that Montreal does have something Toronto doesn't. The national cuisines were split up into multiple categories so that representation could be measured. Well, it turns out that while Montreal does have Australasian restaurants within the city, Toronto does not.

Take that, T.O.

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At the end of the day, Montrealers already know our city is the best place to be for foodies. Just come to one of they city's many food festivals this summer and see for yourself!

You can check out the entire Bott and Co list of The Foodie Capitals of the World HERE.

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