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Traffic Warning: Major Montreal Road Closures Will Immobilize The City This Weekend

Another weekend in Montreal, which means another traffic jam to navigate. Just because it's winter, doesn't mean construction is stopping.

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TL;DR Some of the new and major road closures happening this weekend. Mostly on the Turcot interchange which is undergoing construction this weekend. 

Some major construction is being done on the Turcot interchange, so there are several temporary closures going down this weekend only. 

The Turcot Exchange Twitter feed released some colorful images to help Montrealers navigate the crazy spaghetti twists, which will be way more complicated this weekend.

Be mindful, some roads are only closed down for parts of the weekend, while other will be totally shut down all weekend long until Monday.

Via MTQ_Turcot

Highway 13

  • Saint-Laurent: In the ramp from A-13 SOUTH to A-40 EAST Complete closure of the access to the service road, at all times.

Highway 15

  • Verdun: The entrance from L'Île-des-Sœurs toward A-15 NORTH Complete closure of the entrance until the opening of the new bridge
  • Verdun: NORTHBOUND Closure of the exit (#61) and the entrance of Atwater Ave. At all times until mid-December.
  • Verdun: The entrance from De La Vérendrye Blvd. to A-15 SOUTH Complete closure of the entrance, at all times (long term).
  • Turcot Interchange Access ramp: A-15 NORTH to A-720 EAST (Ville-Marie) Complete closure, at all times Dismantling and reconstruction of the ramp

Highway 20

  • Lachine: On Montréal-Toronto Blvd. EASTBOUND Between Saint-Joseph Blvd. and Saint-Pierre Ave. Complete closure, at all times
  • Montréal-Ouest: interchange Access ramp from A-20/R-138 EAST to R-138 EAST.

Highway 720

  • Le Sud-Ouest: In the Turcot Interchange Access ramp from A-720 WEST to A-20 WEST Complete closure.
  • Le Sud-Ouest: In the Turcot Interchange Access ramp from A-720 WEST (Ville-Marie) to A-15 SOUTH (toward Champlain Bridge) Complete closure, at all times
  • Le Sud-Ouest/Ville-Marie: EASTBOUND Between the Turcot Interchange and the entrance of the Ville-Marie Tunnel Closure of 2 lanes out of 4, at all times
  • Montréal: WESTBOUND Between the end of the Ville-Marie Tunnel and the Turcot Interchange Diverted and contraflow traffic on A-720 EAST, 2 lanes availables at all times.

Local roads:

  • Côte-des-Neiges//NDG: In Montréal-Ouest Interchange Closure of the following ramps, at all times: -- ramp from R-138 WEST to A-20 WEST -- ramp from R-138 WEST to R-138 WEST (toward Mercier Bridge) -- ramp from R-138 WEST to Montréal-Toronto Boulevard and Richmond Street
  • NDG: Saint-Jacques St. In BOTH directions Between Girouard Ave. and Décarie Blvd. Complete closure.
  • Saint-Rémi Street: In BOTH directions Between Notre-Dame and Saint-Jacques Streets Complete closure, at all times

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