Trains On Blue And Orange Line Forced To Avoid Montreal's Jean-Talon Station, Here's Why

Trains were forced to avoid making stops at Montreal's Jean-Talon station on the STM's Orange line today, apparently due to the presence of smoke at the station.

The STM did inform passengers that no trains were stopping at Jean-Talon station around 9:30 this morning, and passengers were questioning the presence of smoke that was noticeable in the station.

It seems that the STM now has the situation under control, but here's what went down.

The STM tweeted the following around 9:30 this morning indicating that no trains would be stopping at Jean-Talon station.

This implies that no trains on either the Blue or the Orange line would be making stops at Jean-Talon, as this station is a correspondence between the two lines.

Someone who was in Jean-Talon station tweeted the following, asking why there was smoke in the station, particularly in the tunnel that leads from the station to Plaza St Hubert.

The STM did reply to this tweet with the following response:

This is likely when they were able to get the situation under control, because before long they were able to inform passengers that the metro service had returned to normal.

The Orange line then tweeted that service had resumed, which should mean that the presence of smoke had been dealt with.

There were no tweets sent out by the Blue line, which may be an indication of the origin of the smoke. If the blue line didn't see major interruptions, the issue was likely somewhere within one of the tunnels of the Orange line.

They also responded to the tweet above, indicating that service had also resumed on the Blue line, as well. 

No details on the cause of the smoke, but the good news is everything is back to normal!

We will update this space with any further details about the origin of the smoke or if there will be any other interruptions to the metro service, at Jean-Talon or elsewhere.