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Transport Quebec Warning: Montreal Weekend Traffic Will Be The Worst We've Ever Seen

Seriously, don't go outside until Monday.
Transport Quebec Warning: Montreal Weekend Traffic Will Be The Worst We've Ever Seen

It's no surprise when you hear announcements just before the weekend that traffic is going to immobolize the city. By now we're all pretty use to it, and have come to expect not being able to travel by car during the only days of the week we have off.

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TL;DR Transport Quebec has issued a warning that Montreal will be struck with massive "unprecedented" closures across the city. Below is a list of every highway that will be shut down until Monday.

There is also a hope that someday we won't hear that dreadful alert that we might as well walk to our weekend destinations. Unfortunately, this is not that weekend.

You're going to want to walk, bike, scooter, fly, or do anything but drive for the next few days as Transport Quebec has officially warned us that things are going to get pretty crazy.

The warning advises Montrealers that we'll be seeing "unprecedented" closures along the Turcot Interchange from November 9-13. 

Where exactly will we be dealing with the disappointing shut downs? Well, here you go:

Turcot Interchange

  • Access for Highway 20 W. from Ville Marie is closed until Tuesday at 5AM.
  • Ville Marie access from Highway 20 E. closes Friday at 10:30PM until Tuesday at 5AM.
  • Highway 15 North is closing Friday at 11:59PM from the entrance off the Champlain Bridge to the Décarie Expressway until Monday at 5AM.
  • De la Vérendrye Blvd. eastbound, between Galt St. and Highway 15, is closed Friday from 11:59PM until Saturday at 5AM. It will be closed again at 8PM on Saturday to 10AM Sunday. Closure will ensue again at 8PM Sunday at 5AM Monday.
  • Trucks that have three axles or more will not be allowed in both directions from 5AM to 9AM and from 3PM to 6PM on Friday and Monday, on Highway 20 between St-Pierre and Turcot Interchanges as well as Highway 720 between the Turcot Interchange and Highway 10.

Mercier Bridge

  • The bridge will be reduced to one lane in either direction from Friday at 10PM to Monday at 5AM.

St-Pierre Interchange

  • The Mercier Exit from Highway 20 W. will be closed from Friday at 11:59PM to Monday at 5AM
  • One of three lanes on Highway 20 W. between Angrigon Blvd. and the St-Pierre Interchange will be closed from 11:59PM to Monday at 5AM.

Hopefully your plans this weekend don't involve needing a car, as it's definitely going to be another weekend of miserable traffic. 


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