8 Round-Trip Flights From Montreal For Less Than $600 For Travel Deal Tuesday

Cyber Monday & Travel Deal Tuesday are here!
Travel Deal Tuesday Flights From Montreal Include These 8 Cities

Cyber Monday and Travel Deal Tuesday are the best times to book a dream vacation. With round trip flights around the globe for less than $600, you can take a trip of a lifetime that fits your budget. We in Montreal are fortunate to live in a city that is a hub for international travel in North America. YUL is a point of transfer for American and Canadian travellers heading east. This means Montrealers have easy access to flights to dozens of places in Europe and even some to Africa.

This access also means that end-of-year deals are particularly attractive.

I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to flying on a budget and I can assure you that these deals are pretty phenomenal. With almost 50% off on certain round trips including flights to Venice, Lyon, Marrakech, and Rome, there is bound to be a place that appeals to your inner explorer.

All of the deals below come from Les Vols D’Alexi travel deal aggregator and all of them are leaving from Montreal. As incredible as these deals are, prices are rising as time goes by so you are going to want to act fast to make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

Note that flight prices are subject to change at any time!


Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world. Its rich history, mouthwatering food, stunning architecture, and fabulous shopping make it a must for any travel lover.

According to Les Vols D’Alexi, flights to Rome are up to 47% off, making them as low as $533 round trip. Now that’s amore!

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Fly from Montreal to the Portuguese capital for as little as $572 round trip.

The 40% discount can allow you to visit some incredible places within the city, including the Tower of Belém and Jeronimos Monastery.

Give the gift of travel this holiday season and get lost in the Alfama district or check out Sinatra for a day.

You won't regret booking this flight, especially not at this price!

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Florence is a special place. The shopping, the food, the galleries, the culture, the beauty — all of it make Florence spectacular.

Flights to the Tuscan city tend to cost a pretty penny but, according to Les Vols D’Alexi, flights are currently as low as $568, which makes this a golden opportunity to book a trip to this romantic city!

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Venice is another city in Italy that offers the same decadent and fresh eats and a slew of cultural experiences.

You can take a gondola ride in through famed Venice Canals, and explore the beauty of Saint Mark's Square and the Rialto bridge. All this for up to 47% off!

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Best known for its soccer team and architecture, this city became one of the most visited destinations in Europe after it hosted the 1992 Olympic Games and broadcasted its splendour to the world.

Currently, round trips to Barcelona are on sale for as low as $551!

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According to Les Vols D’Alexi, round trips to Madrid, Spain are as low as $551, which is close to 40% off the usual cost.

The capital of Spain is perhaps less touristic than its Catalan rival, but it is still home to some world-class museums and shopping. Not to mention Puerto del Sol, which is the most visited spot in all of Madrid.

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Everyone is always talking about Paris, but Lyon can be just as incredible. And for as little as $544 you can get a round trip flight and experience it for yourself.

Lyon has a lot to offer its visitors, including rustic eateries with rich French cuisine, adorable hotels, and some of the most picturesque spots in the country.

If you have already been to Paris, or if you are just looking for a new adventure, this is a deal you should take advantage of!

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I have been dying to go to Morocco for the past few years and Marrakech is at the top of my list.

Now, with flight prices as low as $494, I am pretty sure I am going to be able to scratch this city off my bucket list.

Best known for its striking mosques, grandiose palaces, markets, and lavish gardens, Marrakech has a ton to explore.

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Safe travels!

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