You Can Now Watch Classic Montreal Expos Games From Home If You're Missing Sports

The Sports Network seems to be getting nostalgic!
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You Can Now Watch Classic Montreal Expos Games From Home If You're Missing Sports

Have you been feeling extra nostalgic lately? Well, it seems as though The Sports Network (TSN) has been also. For all the sports fans who find themselves lost as we go yet another week without seeing a new game aired on TV, I have some important news for you! Over the next few weeks, TSN will be broadcasting classic Montreal Expos' games.

Until 2004, Expos players would walk on to Jarry Park or the Olympic Stadium to showcase their talents in front of all of their fans sitting in the stands.

And now, we get the chance to relive the past!

The games that TSN is choosing to broadcast are fan favourites, ones in which star players like Dennis Martinez, Pedro Martinez, and Vladimir Guerrero made some legendary moves.

So, if you're an Expos fan, rejoice! And, if you've never seen any of their games, you can now get up to speed on this major part of Montreal history.

If you currently don't get TSN at home, it may just be worth the investment.

A list of the scheduled Expos game to be broadcasted on TSN is available below!

TSN's first choice of games to broadcast was the 1991 Expos vs. Dodgers match on April 14, 2020.

But, if you missed that one, no need to fear — more are scheduled to air in the upcoming weeks!

The upcoming games that TSN has scheduled so far are as follows:

[rebelmouse-image 26885706 photo_credit="TSN | Official Website" expand=1 original_size="646x254"] TSN | Official Website

The TSN staff said in a news release that more classic games will be scheduled in the coming weeks — make sure to stay tuned.

So, I hope this news comes as a gift to all sports lovers.

And remember, like Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan said in A League of Their Own, "there's no crying in baseball!"

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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