A Japanese Matcha Tea House & Dessert Chain Is Opening Its Very First Montreal Location

Antioxidants and dessert? Sign me up.
A Japanese Matcha Tea House & Dessert Chain Is Opening Its Very First Montreal Location
  • Tsujiri, a popular Japanese tea house and dessert chain, is opening its first Montreal location this month and it will be the largest in Canada.
  • The restaurant will also offer some savoury fare including, soba, udon, and ochazuke.
  • Get all the details below!

A 158-year-old Japanese global chain is finally opening up shop in Montreal. The mostly matcha based tea and pastry restaurant Tsujiri is set to open up in downtown on December 9. While it's not the first Tsujiri restaurant opening in North America (that honour went to Toronto), it will be the largest one of its kind in Canada at 2,500 square feet. While Montreal is no stranger to the matcha craze, Tsujiri pays special attention to “be the pioneer of serving authentic Japanese tea to the world.”

The chain originates from Uji Kyoto in Japan, though it has 41 stores worldwide (29 of those are in Asia), and only serves teas selected and imported from its home country.

Tsujiri specializes in all things matcha including its delectable pastries — I mean, really, just look at the photos below — created by pastry chef Chiharu Narushima.

Matcha tends to contain less caffeine than coffee and more antioxidants than traditional green tea since, instead of discarding the leaves during processing, matcha uses the whole leaf. 

The taste can be a love it or leave it flavour as some may find it bitter but that doesn't seem to be slowing down matcha's inclusion in everything from drinks to ice creams.

Along with teas, drinks, and pastries, Tsujiri has a light meal menu available including matcha soba, udon, and ochazuke (a Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice with a choice of toppings).

It's really the fresh, made in-house desserts that are a must-try. They are like little works of art and feature everything from the cream puff and cheesecake series to tarts and mille crepes.

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Tsujiri may be over a century old but if the Montreal location is like the other locations across Canada, the decor will be modern and minimalist, leaving the focus on where it should be: the food.   

Tsujiri is focused on creating a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally by bringing a variety of authentic Japanese tea to the world. 

Without a doubt, this will be an amazing addition for not only matcha lovers, but quality food lovers, in downtown Montreal. 

Tsujiri Matcha Restaurant Opening 

When: December 9

Where: 1418 Rue Crescent