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Two Epic Meteor Showers Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Month

Get ready for the best free show of the fall.
Two Epic Meteor Showers Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Month

Summer may be over, but the Montreal magic is still here. In October the night sky will be lit up not once, but on two different nights with meteor showers. We are lucky enough to be in the Northern Hemisphere and have two annual showers that will grace the fall sky. 

The Draconid meteor shower is expected to peak on October 8, while the Orionid is expected later in the month on October 21. 

And you don't even need any special equipment to see it other than a blanket and your patience. Meteor showers are best seen on dark and clear evenings. So grab some drinks, find a high spot (if possible) on the ground with as little light pollution as possible, then lay back, let your eyes get adjusted to the dark, and enjoy the show.  

The Orionids are a bit bigger of a show, with up to 20 meteors visible per hour. The shower is actually the second meteor shower caused by Comet Halley (grade 6 science class is coming back to me). While Halley is still making its way around the sun and won't be visible from Earth until 2061, it's kind of cool being able to see the dust it leaves in 2019. 

Check out these visualizations from They show the meteoroid streams orbiting the Sun. I have to say, I kind of went down the rabbit hole of this site. 


The meteors we see are caused by streams of meteoroids, pieces of rock released or broken off of a comet, hitting our atmosphere. They're usually only about the size of a pebble or even as small as a grain of sand. 

When you see the super bright meteors, these are basically mini fireballs. 

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The moon will be close to the meteor radiant for both the Draconid and Orionid shower which will reduce visibility a bit, but you should still be able to catch a few falling stars. Just try to get as far away from city light as you can.


Even as an adult, meteor showers haven't lost their wow factor. Being able to catch a glimpse into the universe will never lose its appeal. 

The meteor showers are the perfect excuse to just relax, stare up at the night sky and make a wish or two. Plus, it's free. What's better than that?

To make the most of these amazing celestial events, make sure to find somewhere that there isn't a lot of light pollution. Why not a beautiful Airbnb that also offers some unforgettable views of the fall foliage?

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