These Two Montreal Chefs Have Made It On To Iron Chef Canada

Their MTL restos are amazing!
These Two Montreal Chefs Have Made It On To Iron Chef Canada
  • Two Montreal chefs have made it on to Iron Chef Canada which debuts next week.
  • The chefs are also both restaurateurs in the city and you're going to want to check out their restos before they blow up with Iron Chef fame.
  • Find out more about the chefs and their restaurants below!

There is nothing quite as addictive as a good cooking show. The pressure, the tension, the judgement, and, of course, the beauty of the craft. The only downside is we can't eat any of it... unless you head to one of the chef's very own restos in the city.

If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you know kitchen staff go through a lot to put beautiful meals in front of guests and to run your own restaurant must be one of the most demanding jobs out there.

So, it's very exciting that two Montreal chefs and restauranteurs are being appreciated for their art and hard work as well as being given the opportunity to fight it out in the Kitchen Stadium starting next week.

The next and newest season of Iron Chef Canada starts next Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 and you can watch the episodes for free right here at Food Network Canada.

And who are the lucky and talented Montreal chefs we can't wait to cheer on this year? None other than Icehouse's Nick Hodge and Su's Fisun Ercan.

If you don't know Restaurant Su, it would do you well to head down to Verdun sooner rather than later to check it out. 

All the food is served with a Turkish flare and their brunch is absolutely to die for.

To see their menu or to make a reservation because now you can't wait to go, head to their website here.

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Su is located on rue Wellington in Verdun between ave Desmarchais and 6ieme, and they source nearly their entire menu from ingredients that come from their farm in Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu.

Ercan comes from Turkey and spoke with the Montreal Gazette about the journey of her life, which eventually brought her here, owning a restaurant and about to compete on one of the most prestigious cooking shows in the country.

The second Montreal competitor is Nick Hodge, chef and owner of the Pleateau's Icehouse, a down and dirty American BBQ and tex-mex operation that is worth the wait every time... and there's often a wait. 

What's supremely interesting (and encouraging) to me is that both of these chefs seem to have a dedication the farm to table movement, by growing their own produce where they can. The photo above was captioned simply, "Garlic 2019."


As mentioned above, Icehouse serves up some amazing tex-mex and American style BBQ dishes that are sure to quell even the most serious taco cravings.

They're open from 4PM - 11PM every day, but you can stick around til 1AM on Friday and Saturday if the cervezas are going down just right.

I wasn't able to find an official site, but you can follow them on Instagram here or like their Facebook page for more info.

Don't forget to follow Iron Chef Canada via the Food Network on Twitter to keep up to date with upcoming episodes and to cheer on our very own chefs. 

Iron Chef Canada premiers on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 and you can watch right here on

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