Two STM Buses Crashed Into Each Other This Morning In Montreal

It's clear one bus is severely damaged.
Two STM Buses Crashed Into Each Other This Morning In Montreal

Two STM buses were in an accident this morning in Ville Saint Laurent, leaving five people injured. The crazy part is that the buses collided with each other.

Early this morning, one bus rear-ended the other when it failed to stop, likely due to slippery conditions

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TL;DR Two Montreal STM buses were in an accident this morning... with each other.

Just before 7 A.M., the 213 heading north on Brabant-Marinueau St near Henri-Bourassa Boulevard was hit from behind by another STM bus that was headed in the same direction.

It appears that there was ice on the road making it impossible for the second bus to stop in time.

Though the driver tried to bring the bus to a stop, it inevitably collided with the bus in front of it leaving a mess and a handful of injuries.

2 STM buses collide due to icy road conditions in Ville Saint-Laurent

January 4, 2019

In total there were five injured, including the bus driver. However, luckily no one needed to be taken to the hospital.

Brabant-Marineau was momentarily closed while the accident was sorted out, but the road is open now.

This is a huge reminder to drivers and pedestrians alike — when the roads are slippery, a vehicle can take a lot longer to stop than usual or than anticipated.

This is especially true for STM buses, which are without winter tires. Many will recall the now-famous video of a bus sliding uncontrollably down a snow-covered hill downtown. A police car later arrived but also slid helplessly down the hill.


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