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Uber Eats Is Now Offering Free Delivery From Local Restaurants

They're also giving 300,000 free meals to healthcare workers!
Uber Eats Is Now Offering Free Delivery From Local Restaurants
  • As restaurants limit capacity and public spaces shut down amid the coronavirus outbreak, Uber Eats announced that it will offer free delivery from thousands of independent restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.
  • In Canada, residents are encouraged to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Food delivery giant Uber Eats has just announced it will be offering free delivery in the U.S. and Canada from local restaurants who need all the help they can get during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. There has been a growing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec and many individuals are staying put at home. This has the potential to cause a significant impact on small local businesses that rely on foot traffic to pay bills and staff.

In an effort to help out and encourage Uber Eats users to make purchases from local, independent establishments, delivery fees are being waived.

In a blog post published Monday titled "Supporting the restaurant industry through an uncertain season," the Head of Uber Eats US & Canada, Janelle Sallenave, explains that, "As we face the uncertainty of this health crisis together with our restaurant partners, we are thinking about how best to support independent restaurants in the U.S. & Canada that have been most significantly affected."

"We're working urgently to drive orders towards independent restaurants on Eats," Sallenave continues. "We’ve waived the Delivery Fee for the more than 100,000 independent restaurants across US & Canada on Uber Eats."

In addition to waiving delivery fees for local, independent restaurants across Canada, there will also be "daily dedicated, targeted marketing campaigns — both in-app and via email —  to promote delivery from local restaurants, especially those that are new to the app."

Sallenave also explains that "while foot traffic may have temporarily declined, fixed costs for our restaurant partners remain constant, putting their finances front-and-center."

To help with this, Uber Eats is also rolling out a new payment option for restaurants.

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Uber Eats is also considering the safety of both customers and delivery workers during this time. 

"As customers and delivery people look to limit contact to protect themselves and their loved ones, we’ve started educating users about how to request deliveries be left on their doorsteps, and have shared CDC guidance to restaurants to ensure all orders are sealed in tamper-evident packaging."

"In addition, we continue to support Uber delivery people and drivers both financially in the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure, and while they’re on the road by delivering sanitization products to keep themselves and their vehicles clean."

In another charitable move, Uber Eats has committed "300,000 free meals on Uber Eats to first responders and healthcare workers in the U.S. and Canada, in coordination with local and state and provincial governments."

The statement ends with a message of unity.

"The coming weeks will be challenging for all of us. We are committed to working with our restaurant partners, government agencies, first responders, and communities at large to keep people safe and fed."

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