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Uber Eats Revealed The Most-Ordered Foods In Quebec Right Now & We're So Predictable

A very typically Quebec list.
Uber Eats Revealed The Most-Ordered Foods In Quebec Right Now & We're So Predictable

Delivery services have been thriving in recent months. Although we've been trying to show off our cooking skills over social media, the reality is that many of us just want to relax without the pressure of getting our next meal ready. In Quebec, however, it seems people are going straight for dessert. According to information provided to MTL Blog by Uber Eats, the number one seller throughout Quebec in the last few weeks has been a medium box of decadent Mr. Puffs pastries.

The Montreal company's greek doughnuts are the perfect comfort food, so it's not shocking they're in the lead. Also, they aren't exactly something that you'll make yourself. 

The sweet dessert comes in various quantities but the package of 33 pieces is the bestseller on Uber Eats.

Poutine is, of course, the second most ordered dish. The warm stacks of fries, gravy, and cheese just somehow make everything better, including a pandemic.

In third place are ever-popular mixed shawarma dishes.

So Quebec's ordering habits are delightfully typical and very on-brand.

As for how the province's Uber Eats tendencies compare with those in Canada as a whole, only poutine maintains its rank.

It turns out Canadians' cravings are pretty diverse.

The ten most-ordered food items in Canada are:

  1. Butter Chicken

  2. Poutine

  3. Miso Soup

  4. Pad Thai

  5. Naan

  6. Fries

  7. Bubble Tea

  8. Edamame

  9. Shawarma

  10. Onion Rings

Comfort and fried foods unsurprisingly dominate in Quebec and across Canada.

With surveys indicating that the population is more unhappy than ever, it seems they'll take what they can get.

If Quebecers are looking for even more dessert, the extremely popular Japanese chain Uncle Tetsu began delivering through Uber Eats in early May.

Getting those fluffy cheesecakes has never been easier.

What have been your go-to orders on Uber Eats? Let us know what you have been noshing on! 

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