Ugly Disused Satellite Dishes All Over Parc-Ex Have Been Transformed Into Works Of Art

This month, one of the most quirky art shows ever seen in Montreal will premiere in Parc-Extension. But this isn't just any art installation.

36 of the neighbourhood's unused satellite dishes have been transformed into canvases thanks to the art collective Art Extension.

The satellites feature the work of over 30 local artists. You can find the works and their locations on an interactive map set up by the folks at Art Extension.

"The idea came to us during the pandemic when we didn't have access to galleries and indoor spaces," Jonathan Cohen, founder of the project, told MTL Blog.

"Noticing all of these disused satellite dishes in the neighbourhood made me realize that there are canvases everywhere, and our streets are viable art galleries for the talented visual artists who just want a place to exhibit their work."

Art Extension will host free walking tours for groups of 10 or fewer from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on September 25, 2021.