You Can Now Get Uncle Tetsu's Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake Delivered In Montreal

What cheesecake dreams are made of.
You Can Now Get Uncle Tetsu's Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake Delivered In Montreal

Uncle Tetsu is the go-to spot for cheesecake in Montreal. The light, airy, Japanese-style cheesecakes are the ultimate comfort dessert. The flavourful bites melt in your mouth and provide a momentary escape from the outside world. For this reason, they're more important than ever. So it will come as a relief that Uncle Tetsu is available for delivery in Montreal through UberEats.

The Montreal location confirmed the news in a Facebook post on May 8.

In addition to the famous original fluffy cheesecake, Tetsu fans can order honey madeleine, "buttery [cupcakes]" that are "light and crisp on top, and soft and luscious inside," in either single, four or six-packs.

Those of you who have not yet tried a bite of Tetsu's unique desserts are truly missing out.

The light and fluffy texture of the cheesecake combined with the perfect amount of sweetness makes for a truly special treat.

"We’ll put a smile on your face with our simple, but delicious flavours," the company promises on its website.

The secret, it says, is all-natural ingredients, including locally-sourced cheese, "freshly harvested eggs, high-quality butter, and delectable cream cheese."

Plus the cakes are a delight to behold.

The perfectly round disks come in cute little boxes and jiggle when you move them.

The story of the Uncle Tetsu cheesecake began in 1970.

It wasn't long before "his super soft, rich, and flavourful freshly baked cheesecake spread throughout Japan faster than he could ever have hoped. It became a hot topic in the media, and people flocked to try it!"

There are now restaurants in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, and — lucky for us — Canada.

The restaurant on rue Pierce near Concordia is also open for take-out as of May 8, but Montrealers are still encouraged to avoid non-essential travel outside their neighbourhoods.

So the delivery option is perfect for those Montrealers looking to reward themselves after another long week.

And, I heard calories don't count during isolation...

Get all the details below.

Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecakes On Uber Eats

When: Wednesday – Sunday: 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Where: 1408 rue Pierce (take-out only)

Why You Have To Try It: For a delightful dessert that'll bring a smile to your face.

Order here.

Enjoy your sweet desserts!