UNIQLO Is Hiring In The Montreal Area

Your chance to work for one of the most popular stores on the continent!
UNIQLO Is Hiring In The Montreal Area

UNIQLO, the hyper-popular Japanese clothing retailer, has been slowly making its way across North America in the last decade. Famous for its simple yet sylish attire, the brand has become one of the most recognizable on the continent.

But while several North American cities now claim multiple UNIQLO stores, Quebec is still waiting for a location of its own. 

While there is still no indication that a UNIQLO store is coming to the province, a new job posting at least indicates that UNIQLO is exploring talent in the Montreal area.

According to the UNIQLO job postings site, the company is currently looking for a "Manager Candidate" in "Greater Montreal."

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TLDR: UNIQLO is looking for someone in the Montreal area to become a "Manager Candidate." 

Excitingly, this position will prepare candidates for other responsibilities in the company. "As part of this program," the posting states, "you will join a group of passionate peers from around the world and undertake an intensive training program designed to build the skills and experiences necessary to run a business generating millions in sales."

Maybe, just maybe, this suggests the possibility of expansion in or around Montreal. We can dream.

Though, the posting also states that "successful candidates from the Montreal area will be relocated to Toronto and/or the Vancouver area." Because fluency in both English and French is a requirement, it is also possible that UNIQLO is aiming to offer services in both languages elsewhere in the country.

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Prospective applicants can review the posting and apply here. Note that this page will likely be taken down once UNIQLO finds a qualified candidate.

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In the meantime, we have contacted UNIQLO to inquire about possible expansion in Canada. 

UNIQLO has previously offered products in Quebec through limited-time promotions. But Quebecers are yearning for more permanent access to the Japanese retailer.

Stay tuned for more information.