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16 Things To Do In Montreal This Valentine's Day For The Singles Of The City

The perfect day to fall in love with yourself!
16 Things To Do In Montreal This Valentine's Day For The Singles Of The City

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and for some silly reason, this Hallmark holiday has a way of making singles feel a little lonely. In reality, Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, which means there's nothing wrong with taking yourself out and falling in love with the person you're. If you're single, there are a ton of things you can do in Montreal this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day should not be about being single or being in a relationship. It is a day for falling in love, whether that be with a partner, a friend, or yourself. There is no reason why being single should alter your mood on this day and if it does, then you're going to want to do one or more of the things on this list.

Whether you want to be alone or surrounded by your crew this Valentine's Day, Montreal has a ton of things you can do, if you're not coupled up. From pancake dinners and champagne-sipping to kitty-cat cafes and unicorn lattes, you'll be too busy enjoying yourself to even realize what day it is.

Don't be afraid to take yourself on a date and get to know the person you are a little better. We all have moments when we feel alone and by celebrating yourself this Valentine's Day, you will be reminded that being single is not so bad, especially in a city as fabulous as Montreal!

Treat Yourself To Pancakes At Bremner

Where: 361, rue St-Paul E.; Le Bremner

Everything at Bremner is full of goodness, however, the pancakes are what keep me coming back time and time again.

This Valentine's day, instead of sulking at home with pharmacy chocolate, why not get dressed up and treat yourself to the best damn pancake you will ever have?


Unicorn Latte

Where: 1051, ave. Bernard; Petit Lapin

If you're feeling blue this valentines day, you can cheer yourself up with the cutest snacks and lattes in the city.

Petit Lapin not only serves some of the most photogenic treats you can find, but it is also a great way of turning that frown upside down!


Attend A Queen Of Hearts Girls Night

Where: 401, rue Notre-Dame O.; Somwhr Liquor Lounge

This high-energy night club is hosting an epic girls' night on Thursday, February 13, 2020, in celebration of Valentine's Day. What's awesome about this event is that it is created for the fabulous and single ladies of Montreal.

Best of all, groups of five girls will be treated with chocolate-covered strawberries and 2 bottles of bubbly!

Reserve here

Spend The Day At A Kitty Café

Where: 172, ave. Duluth E.; Café Chat L'Heureux

There's no way you can feel sad and alone while sipping on coffee or smoothies while getting to pet a group of cats.

Café Chat L'Heureux is a kitty café that lets you relax with a good book, while the cutest of cats surround you.


Reconnect To Your Youth At HideSeek

Where: 4301, rue Denis St; HideSeek

If you have yet to have the chance to visit HideSeek, why not treat yourself to that experience on Valentine's Day?

This nostalgic experience will allow you to forget about your single status and dive into your elementary school fantasies!


Enjoy Drinks At Marcus

Where: 1440, rue de la Montagne; Four Seasons Hotel

For those of you who enjoy the finer things in life, you should treat yourself to a drink at this gorgeous bar.

Located in the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel, this spot is a great place for you to connect with your inner goddess while sipping on some champagne, of course.

And, as a bonus, the bathrooms are very "selfie" worthy!


Drink Bubble Tea In A Pink Fantasy World

Where: 1832 rue Sainte-Catherine O.; Nobu Lab

Nobu Lab is a pink paradise that serves bubble tea and popcorn chicken. This establishment is fairly new to the Montreal scene and if you have yet to check it out, you're missing out on a world you thought only existed in your light pink fantasy.

Find out more

Check Out A Drag Show

Where: 1115, rue Sainte-Catherine E.; Cabaret Mado

This 1920s inspired establishment is known for its gender-bending performances that are sure to take your mind off the fact that you're single.

The drinks will be flowing, the music will be bumping and the performances will leave you in awe.

There's no way you can be sad at a drag show — that's a fact!

Buy tickets here

Sip On A Lavender Latte While Eating A Croissant

Where: 1524, rue Notre-Dame W.; Maman

Maman has become a comforting place for me since its opening. The cozy decor and decadent snacks make this a known-to-be happy spot in our city.

Instead of sulking this Valentine's Day, why not treat yourself to a crispy croissant and pair it with a lavender latte? Yes, it's as good as it sounds.

And, as a bonus, the eaterie is incredibly photogenic, which will do wonders for your Instagram content.


Spend The Day At The Library

Montreal is a beautiful city that is home to some phenomenal libraries. If you're lacking romance on Valentine's Day, you can always count on literature to add some zest into your life.

Instead of connecting with a love interest, you can connect yourself through the work of talented writers!

And, if reading isn't your thing, you can listen to music (quietly) while strolling through these beautiful establishments.

Find out where to go here.

Stroll Through The Greenhouse At The Botanical Gardens

Where: 4101, rue Sherbrooke E.; Botanical Gardens

I know I'm not the only person who wishes they were on vacation right now, and if you can't afford a flight, you can pretend you're on vacation at the Botanical Gardens.

While strolling through the lavish greenhouse, you will be in awe with the winding paths and waterfalls that surround you.

There is no way you can be sad about your single status (why would you be anyway?) while gazing at the fantastic architectural features that are found in this establishment.

Check the opening hours here!

Get A Milkshake At Beauty's

Where: 93, ave. Mont-Royal O.; Beauty's

Beauty's is a Montreal staple and anyone who knows anything about milkshakes knows that this is the spot in the city to get one.

Sipping on a milkshake has a way of both filling your stomach and warming your heart — ideal for a single's Valentine's celebration.


Connect With Yourself At A Museum

There's something magical about going to a museum alone and not only connecting with the beautiful works of art but also being able to connect with yourself.

And, lucky for us, Montreal has a slew of amazing museums that will permit you to do exactly that this Valentine's Day.

View a list of museums here.

Check Out A New Spa

Where: 250, Rang des Vingt Cinq E; Förena Cité Thermale

The much anticipated Förena Spa, just outside of Montreal, has officially opened. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa for Valentine's Day?

Spa days are fun with friends, but they're extra relaxing when you go alone.

Get a massage, soak in the baths and heat up in the steam room — I promise you will leave feeling incredibly refreshed.


Stroll Through The Jean-Talon Market & Get Yourself Some Flowers

Where: 7070, ave. Henri Julien; Jean-Talon Market

Our city is officially a snow globe, which means that there is a major lack of flowers outside...

Flowers have a way of putting you in a good mood and if you don't have a valentine buying you flowers this year, that shouldn't stop you from treating yourself to a beautiful bouquet.

This year, you can stroll through the Jean-Talon Market, grab a bite and pick up some fresh flowers for your place!


Bask In The Glory Of The Oratory

Where: 3800, rue Queen Mary; Saint Joseph's Oratory

There's something magical about Saint Joseph's Oratory. The magnitude of the building will overpower you and remind you in some way, shape or form that you're not alone.

No matter what your beliefs are, the beauty of the building will fill your heart with hope while clearing your mind of negativity.


Happy V-Day, Montreal!

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