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Place Ville-Marie Is Hosting A Free Plant Giveaway For Valentine's Day In Downtown Montreal

XP_MTL wants to give you a new plant friend.
Valentine's Day In Montreal: Place Ville-Marie Is Hosting A Free Plant Sale

No matter how you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day in Montreal, I've found an offer that you need to take advantage of. Friday at Place Ville-Marie, XP_MTL is offering people free plants for the Hallmark holiday. This means it's time to forget about getting someone a huge bouquet of red roses on February 14 and get on board with a more eco-friendly, green way to show your love, instead!

These plants are in need of a little love, and showing up at Place Ville-Marie this Friday will give you a chance to give it what it needs. 

The catch is that this is only happening for two hours, so make sure to plan your day accordingly. Since it'll be going on between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., you can either go after your breakfast date or right before you meet a lover for lunch!

You can either keep the plant for yourself or continue spreading the love by gifting it to someone you care about.

[rebelmouse-image 26886845 photo_credit="Photo by Ashley Busenbark on Unsplash" expand=1 original_size="2706x2302"] Photo by Ashley Busenbark on Unsplash

Believe me when I tell you that a live plant is a 10x better gift than pre-cut flowers. If the person you gift it to takes care of it properly, it could live for years on end. And those roses you thought your date would love? They'd be dead within a week.

Have I proven my point?

Also, if you're a non-believer in V-day (I'm with ya), then just consider this a free plant day!

A spokesperson for XP_MTL tells MTL Blog that the following plants will be available:

  • Croton Banane

  • Plante de café

  • Marginata bicolore

  • Maranta rouge

  • Philodendron Brésil

[rebelmouse-image 26886846 photo_credit="Photo by Lena Rose on Unsplash" expand=1 original_size="5184x3456"] Photo by Lena Rose on Unsplash

Plus, visitors who pick up their free plant friend will also get a chance to enter a contest for a free stay at the famous Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel!

Get A Free Plant At Place Ville Marie, Courtesy Of XP_MTL

Where: Friday, February 14, 2020 (Valentine's Day)

When: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Where: 1, Place Ville-Marie

Visit XP_MTL's website for additional information.

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