Any Montrealer you stop on the street will agree that Sainte-Catherine West is in dire need of a facelift.

TL;DR Montreal's municipal government launched a project to redevelop Sainte-Catherine Street west into a charming pedestrian-friendly commercial strip. Phase 2 of the project was just released, and the plan is to totally eliminate the possibility of parking a vehicle in the area. The Plante administration will be assessing the feasibility of phase 2 with experts and plans on releasing a final concept by next summer.

Some recent changes and updates such as the newly renovated Cabot Square and Adonis Supermarket have added some value to the area, but the strip still needs a great deal of work in order to reach its full potential.

The Plante administration knows this, and has already launched a project to redevelop the Sainte-Catherine Street west area the charming pedestrian-friendly strip that it should be.

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Making an area of downtown "pedestrian-friendly" comes at a cost though. The elimination of parking spaces is no surprise.

Last year, Plante administration announced the plan to remove 144 spots as part of phase 1 of the plan.

Now, Plante wants to extend this vision of a pedestrian-friendly commercial street into Phase 2 by totally eliminating the possibility of parking a vehicle in the area. That's a total of 484 spots.

A document drafting this plan was tabled last night at the municipal council. And the Plante administration will now be working with an engineering and architectural firm to assess the feasibility of phase 2 of the project.

The final concept is expected to be released by next summer.