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Valérie Plante Wants To Make The STM Metro And Bus System Cheaper For Low-Income People In Montreal

The Plante administration has some ambitious goals for the city of Montreal. One that we can all get behind, is the reduction of STM fare for low-income Montrealers. 

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TL;DR The Plante administration wants to provide low-income Montrealers with cheap access to the STM transit system. The cut off will start at an income of less than $17,714 per year for a single person. However, the city will need funding from the provincial government to move forward with the project.

During her election campaign, Valérie Plante promised to reduce the cost of a monthly OPUS pass by 40% for low-income Montrealers. Not only that, she also promised to work for free admission to public transit for people under 12 and those over 65.

Now, the city of Montreal is relying on the government of Quebec to help fund this huge and ambitious project.

According to the plan proposed by the city administration, the cut off for beneficiaries will start at an income of less than $17,714 per year for a single person.

As of now, some transport services of the GMAlike the STL in Laval, have their own measures where seniors can take the bus for free. This isn't cheap to fund: it costs the city of Laval about 1 million dollars per year, so just imagine funding this project for the entire STM system and the millions of Montrealers that ride each day.

According to a report by the Journal de Montreal, the Plante administration asserts that at the minimum the ARTM service for the greater metropolitan area of Montreal should be free for seniors with low-income.

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