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Vaping Is Just As Addictive As Cigarettes And Here's Why

Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.
Vaping Is Just As Addictive As Cigarettes And Here's Why

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As the nice weather returns, we're all eager to get in the sun, enjoy the outdoors, and discover all the summer fun our beautiful city has to offer. But with the new cannabis laws in effect and tons of people already smoking outside, it's safe to assume that our streets won't be smelling amazing this summer.

But, hey, at least vaping is better for you, right? Not only is it less detrimental to your health, but it smells good and is super trendy, too! Well, think again. 

Despite the fact that e-cigarettes are becoming more popular among young adolescents, not a lot of people know the real dangers of vaping. And yet, it can have loads of super harmful effects on your body. 

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Vaping can cause nicotine addiction: 

The nicotine in e-cigarettes can get you hooked on this toxic stimulant. Even though the packaging of electronic cigarettes is more appealing than the shocking photos found on packs of cigarettes, the harmful consequences of this addiction are the same. And kicking the habit feels nearly impossible, so trust when we say it's not something you really want to get involved in.

Vaping can damage your lungs:

Aliaksandr Barouski

Even though the smoke caused by vaping may seem harmless compared to that of cigarettes, it can still do some serious damage to your lungs. Not only are you exposing yourself to a crazy amount of toxic chemicals (formaldehyde and acrolein, for example), there are also metals and contaminants (like nickel, aluminum, and tin) to be worried about. Doesn't sound too good for your lungs, does it?

The long-term health effects of vaping are still unknown:

Alexandra Fedorova

The effects of exposing yourself to these toxic chemicals or inhaling them are still unknown. Research still needs to be done in order to know their exact health consequences. Do you really want to take that risk?

No matter the taste, smell, or appealing packaging, avoid the trap of thinking that electronic cigarettes are somehow good for you. Vaping is just as dangerous and unhealthy as any other tobacco product.

Head over to Avoid the Trap to learn more about the effects of vaping. You can also check out their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

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