Vermont's Dog Mountain Is Probably What Heaven Looks Like

This doggy dream is just a few hours from Montreal.
Vermont's Dog Mountain Is Probably What Heaven Looks Like

Located on the other side of the border a little over two and a half hours from Montreal is a doggy temple that will move any dog lover to tears. In the year 2000, the adorable Dog Chapel was introduced to the world as "a symbol of peace, love, and remembrance." The chapel is the main attraction of Vermont's Dog Mountain, a 150-acre "unique national treasure that honors the healing power of 'dogs, nature, love, and art.'"

Since its founding 20 years ago, the chapel has been transformed into a piece of communal art and history.

It's filled with words of remembrance and messages from visitors. The website promises that "when you visit the Dog Chapel, you are totally enveloped with messages of love."

Outside the colourful chapel, visitors and their fur babies will find "ponds, trails, [and] wildflower meadows" to explore, each with incredible views of the surrounding landscape.

The mountain is always open to the public, even when the chapel is closed.

The paradise was founded by artist Stephen Huneck, whose "vision" for a Dog Chapel first came to him after a near-death experience, according to their website.

He called the chapel "the largest artwork of [his] life and [his] most personal."

Today, the site "[aims] to fulfill the Hunecks' vision of creating a place of profound experience and deep healing through nature, love, art, and pets."

"Thousands of people from around the world visit the Dog Chapel each year," leaving "photos, drawings, letters, and keepsakes [...] as memorials to beloved departed pets."

In addition to the trails and the moving chapel, the mountain hosts "dog parties" that attract "hundreds of people with hundreds of dogs" on several dates throughout the year.

In years past, a summer concert series has filled the valleys with music on Sunday evenings.

The chapel and mountain are free to visit, though donations are encouraged.

There's also an on-site art gallery and shop. Eager would-be visitors can shop online if they can't wait for their next weekend getaway.

Get all the details on this amazing place below.

Dog Mountain, Vermont

Where: 143 Parks Rd., Saint Johnsbury, VT

Why You Have To Go: To experience this moving doggy paradise and meet some new four-legged friends.

Cost: Free but donations are encouraged


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