A Gator Got Loose In Montreal & Sparked Some Hilarious Twitter Jokes & Reactions (Video)

I bet you thought only chickens crossed the road.
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A Gator Got Loose In Montreal & Sparked Some Hilarious Twitter Jokes & Reactions (Video)
  • No, it's not a pink pony and it's not a hoax: there was actually an alligator in Montreal this weekend.
  • The video below shows the escaped gator on the loose, casually crossing rue Jarry in Villeray.
  • Watch the video below and have a laugh at some of the best Twitter jokes & reactions about the bizarre scene.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed an alligator in Montreal, casually crossing rue Jarry in Villeray. The reptilian predator was spotted on a chilly Sunday afternoon by local resident Mayssam Samaha. The animal belonged to an unnamed man who quickly scooped up the wayward gator shortly before police arrived on the scene. 

The alligator seemed surprisingly unbothered, even with the weather at around -4°C plus wind chill on Sunday. If you remember your Discovery Channel documentaries, you'll know that some reptiles can survive the cold but really don't enjoy it too much. Alligators can even survive in a frozen lake by sticking their snouts out of the ice. 

Samaha's video of the alligator crossing Jarry was posted to Twitter and Montrealers quickly fell in love with it. This scaly rapscallion is a true Montrealer, braving the cold temperatures and jaywalking without a care in the world.

This is perhaps the most random thing to ever happen on a chilly Montreal Sunday in a long time. In classic fashion, locals took to social media to lay down their best alligator puns and "why did the alligator cross the road" jokes. Here are some of the best reactions from around town.

The video (seen below) shows the wandering gator moseying across Jarry street amongst the traffic and the potholes. The gator's owner quickly snapped up the reptile before it got snappy with pedestrians.

The alligator escaped from the owner's van and police tracked them down shortly after the owners captured it. 

If drivers thought cyclists were bad, you can only imagine what they thought of this alligator. Thankfully, drivers spotted the alligator and slowed down before something bad happened. 

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If you needed any more proof of Montreal's love of animals, look no further. The gator almost instantly became a local hero and even Mayor Valérie Plante praised the citizens and the SPVM for quickly rescuing the reptile. The gator even has its own Twitter page

Translation: The alligator that crossed Jarry street in Villeray has been returned to its owners (it has all its licenses and is part of an educational project) Thank you to the citizens who reported the situation to us and to the SPVM officers who reacted quickly. 

Montrealers brought out their best alligator dad jokes for the occasion, and they didn't disappoint. 

And of course, an ode to a classic: 

Fans of Letterkenny and Trailer Park Boys will recognize these two Canadian comedians who got in on the jokes. 

Best Sunday ever? For this alligator, it definitely was. 

Word of advice for the alligator — next time, take a bike!

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