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Video Of Kevin Hart Confessing His Favourite & Least Favourite Things About Montreal

I don't think anyone will disagree with either of his answers.
Video Of Kevin Hart Confessing His Favourite & Least Favourite Things About Montreal

Montreal has been abuzz with sightings of actor and comedian Kevin Hart. He's been sighted around Monkland filming his latest movie, Fatherhood and enjoying some family time at La Ronde. Basically, he's a native Montrealer honoree at this point - taking in everything our city has to offer.

So when one interviewer caught up with the star to ask what his favourite part of Montreal was, you would think he would be quick to answer. Not so much.

What he was quick to answer was his least favorite part of Montreal. And it's something I think we can all agree with. 

Check out the video below

The stand up comic didn't think it was a fair question to point out his favourite part of our city, saying, "There's so much amazing things about Montreal." He did finally go with 'the people' as his answer (because we are so awesome!). “People always show me love in Montreal!” 

But he didn't need any prodding when it came to his least favourite part of the city.

The construction. I don’t know what you guys are doing here.”

Yeah, Kevin, I don’t think any of us particularly know either.  

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The interviewer tried to sell our construction detours as an art installation - which isn't such a bad idea PR plan: hint, hint @Montreal.  But Hart wasn't hearing it, “It’s really getting ridiculous and I don’t know what you’re building."

He went on to say, "Just let people know what you're building."

But the best part of the short interview posted on Twitter was Hart's succinct four-word summary of our city, “It looks like Legoland.” 

It made us pause - but that seems like a pretty apt description. 

Yep, it's official. Kevin Hart gets us, Montreal. He really gets us. 

And Montreal has shown some love back recently, particularly at the Just For Laughs Festival where Hart was honoured with a Generation Award.

Thanks for putting up with our construction, Kevin.

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