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Video Of Montreal Man Riding A Unicycle During The Huge Snow Storm Has Everyone Confused

Consider this the the most Canadian thing anyone has ever done.
Video Of Montreal Man Riding A Unicycle During The Huge Snow Storm Has Everyone Confused

As we all know, this weekend was bad. On Sunday, most of us woke up to our cars consumed by snow, streets yet to be cleared of the knee-deep snowfall, and unbearable freezing temperatures. Well, it looks like everyone except this guy was dreading the conditions yesterday.

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TL;DR A YouTube video of a Montreal man riding his unicycle through the winter storm on Sunday has gone viral, with reports of others seeing him across the city yesterday as well. The video is available for viewing below.

This Montreal man seems to have considered the heavy snow a natural obstacle course in the city. Seriously, for anyone wondering which person in the world is the most Canadian, it's this guy.

A fellow Montrealer recorded a video of this man riding his unicycle through the treacherous winter storm we all saw yesterday. If you already think this is quite odd, watch the video for yourself:

It's clear that the videographer is extremely confused as to why someone would choose to unicycle in the middle of a snow storm. Montreal Redditors are also baffled.

Most of the commentors on the Reddit post don't know what to make of the video, but they all seem to agree that they've seen this man elsewhere before, meaning he could totally be Montreal's new official mascot.

The video has quickly circulated among popular local Instagram pages, as well.

Although in the Youtube video he's seen falling off his one-wheeled bike, that doesn't stop him from continuing his journey across the city.

This is the latest video of Montreal antics during the huge weekend snow storm. Yesterday, for example, a video posted to Twitter shows a man snowboarding through the snow-covered streets.

No transit, no problem
Montreal, QC 🇨🇦 📹sebtoots

January 20, 2019

We can only hope we see this iconic unicycle man again sometime this week as the storm persists. 

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