Video Of Rat Spotted At Montreal's Jarry Metro Station

It appears that the rat snuck through the barrier without an OPUS card.
Video Of Rat Spotted At Montreal's Jarry Metro Station

A rat was spotted at Montreal's Jarry metro station on Wednesday. The rat, which could be seen scurrying along the platform, close to the wall, looks like he was in a rush to get home.

Of course, it's not unlikely to find rodents in the metro station: it's underground, after all. But this little guy's brazen trek through the metro station is a rare sight.

This tiny guy has nothing on the gigantic rats that are found in other metro systems around the world, notably New York's.

A video, which was sent to MTLBlog, shows the rat scurrying along the platform of the Jarry metro station. You can watch the video below:

The little guy seems kind of lost: he sees a grate and looks like he's looking for a way in. When he realises that he's too big, he looks concerned.

This is probably because he realises that it means that he's going to have to take the metro home. And he knows that his wife is going to be angry if he gets home late again.

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Of course, this isn't the first time that a rodent has been spotted in the Montreal metro. A mouse infestation has been noted at the Papineau metro station, as well as in the park near the station.

And of course, a few months ago a mouse was found dead on the seat of a metro cart on the green line. The tragedy struck compassion in the hearts of many commuters, who still fondly remember the rodent.

I hope that one day we will catch a rat carrying a poutine on the metro so that we can finally have our own version of #pizzarat.

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