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Video Of Truck Smashed Under Rue Guy Overpass... For The Third Time This Year

I can’t really blame anyone who gets confused by Montreal road signs. With the multiple no parking signs, the many detours and blocked roads, and whatever else the city decides to throw our way, it can be hard to know where you’re going.

Maybe this is why three trucks have crashed into the Guy overpass in the last two months, despite there being clear signs that forbid trucks from crossing through.  

The most recent incident took place last night around midnight: a truck tried to drive under the overpass, got stuck, and shut down the road for several hours.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the collision. The CBC reports that the driver made it out intact, but that the truck’s container was in part damaged by the crash.

The Guy overpass is too short to allow trucks to fit through: for this reason, they have put up numerous signs indicating that trucks must take a detour.  Clearly, the signs aren't working.

The overpass is just at the corner of Guy and St-Antoine.

There are many signs on St-Antoine that warn trucks of the 3.7m clearance limit. These signs indicate that trucks are forbidden from passing on that street.

Furthermore, there is a big, flashing sign that reminds vehicles of the clearance limit on the overpass itself.

[rebelmouse-image 26890744 photo_credit="Google Maps" expand=1 original_size="822x635"] Google Maps

This sign, however, did not stop the truck last night from ignoring all of these warnings and crashing into the overpass, crumpling the top of the transport trailer.

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For some reason, this happens incredibly frequently. In October 2018, three trucks crashed into the overpass alone.

This year, three trucks have crashed into the overpass since September. At the very least, these crashes are inconvenient, as the roads have to be shut down for several hours while the truck is towed away from the scene.  

At worst, it is dangerous for the drivers of the trucks, as well as possibly damaging the structure of the bridge.

I'm not sure how much more the bridge can take, so it looks like it's time the city created a new plan to re-route these trucks... or at least get a bigger sign.

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