Video Of Mouse Sneaking Around Concordia University Café Reveals Serious Rodent Infestation

It was last week when you first heard of a mouse having been caught crawling around a toilet seat in one of the bathrooms of Concordia University. Some may have been able to convince themselves it was only a freak accident, but it turns out it was far from it.

Earlier this week it was revealed that another mouse was found in a different school bathroom, also running around in the toilet bowl. Many of us were in shock, most of us were disgusted. 

But you might have just chalked it up to a couple mice from the school's science lab somehow escaping. It must have been a related incident, right? Otherwise, Concordia could have a huge infestation on their hands.

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TL;DR A third mouse has just been discovered after a witness took a video of the rodent scurrying around a Van Houtte within close proximity of the two other discoveries of mice on campus. Concordia University has not yet released a statement on the possible infestation.

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Well, it's pretty much been confirmed now that this is a way bigger issue than previously thought, as another mouse was found last Sunday scurrying across the floors of a Van Houtte at Guy Concordia, which is in very close proximity of the two other incidents.

The mouse doesn't even look scared of humans or any of its surroundings! They're just taking their time to scurry around right out in the open before dashing off into another direction.

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The biggest concern with a mouse confirmed to be inside the Van Houtte is food and health safety. Obviously, the mouse is finding a way to sustain themselves, so have they been stealing little pieces of food this entire time?

Maybe they're feeding a tiny family of mice, or maybe all three mice found so far know each other and this was a totally planned infestation by the three of them...

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Regardless of what you might think is going on, we can all agree: it's pretty gross.

Concordia University has not yet released a statement on the discovery of mice, so until then, you might want to start avoiding not only school bathrooms, but your morning coffee run as well...

Stay tuned for more information and updates on the rodent infestation.

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