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Video Showing Crazy Montrealer Driving His Car On The Bike Lane

Montreal has its fair share of crazy drivers. We got people who drive without removing the snow off their cars, people who confuse sidewalks with streets, and we even have people who drive cars with the top down in the middle of a blizzard.

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Of course most of the time the driver is to blame, but let's be honest; Montreal can be a very hard place to navigate even when you're familiar with the area.

There is construction everywhere, the signage is confusing even for a French speaker, and it seems like the layout of the streets is changing on weekly basis.

Some streets even have one way signs pointing in the wrong direction!

To prove just how confusing the street of Montreal can be, yesterday someone spotted a driver cruising along Berri Street, only he wasn't driving on the road, he was driving on the elevated bike path.


The person filming was kind enough to add some epic background music which pairs perfectly with his commentary making this video all the more entertaining.

Check out the video below!

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