Video Showing Massive Police Tactical Operation In Montreal Last Night

Last night Montreal's SPVM and GTI units conducted a massive tactical operation that ended with the arrest of one suspect. 

Here's what we know so far.

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At around 7:00 pm on Sunday night, Montreal police were called to the intersection of Saint-Denis Street and De Castelnau because an individual was making some kind of threat. 

The exact threat is unknown but it may have been some kind of bomb threat because police on the scene were seen hiding behind shields. 

The area between Faillon Street and Jean-Talon Street was closed off.

The tactical police erected command centers around the area. They deployed armoured vehicles and what appears to be rifles set up on tripods.

The suspect was allegedly concealing some kind of device inside his coat while making threats. 

The suspect was finally arrested at around 12:00 am this morning. 

Here is a video shot on the scene at around 8:46pm while the operation was still underway. 

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