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Video Showing Montreal STM Metro Car Completely Transform Into A Restaurant

You'd never believe this was once used by the STM.
Video Showing Montreal STM Metro Car Completely Transform Into A Restaurant

We can only guess how old and past repair some of Montreal's trains are. Seriously, have you ever gotten onto one of the metro cars and feared for your safety just a little bit because everything just seems so far past decent condition for use? 

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TL;DR An STM metro car was totally transformed into a restaurant located at Le Taz, the largest skatepark in Canada. Below is the video documenting the entire build of the restaurant.

So once these metro cars are finally retired, what exactly happens to them? Are they taken to a landfill? Or repurposed into something the city can still enjoy? Well, it looks like one of these cars is actually getting a second chance at life, but not in the way you might think.

No, this metro car isn't going back on tracks or even being used for transportation. Instead, it'll be transformed into a super retro restaurant inside of Le Taz, which just so happens to be the largest skatepark in Canada. 

Via Taz Skatepark

The YouTube video of the entire metro car re-build shows just how time-consuming it was to turn this once-underground moving vehicle into an actual diner-like setting. 

Old seats from the subway are refurbished into chairs and booths in the restaurant. The open concept space will seriously make you question how this ever could have been a regular STM passengar car!

As for whether or not other Montreal metro cars are going to be transformed and given a new life, there's no official word. But since this unique restaurant will forever give free promotion to the STM, there's a pretty good chance we'll be seeing more like it in the future.

The restaurant appears to be open for business! We can only imagine Le Taz has gained a lot more visitors looking to enjoy a full meal experience among STM artifacts. Check out their website here.


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