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Video Showing Riots Break Out In The Streets Of Montreal After Raptors Victory

The video from last night shows rioters climbing on cars and shooting fireworks.
Video Showing Riots Break Out In The Streets Of Montreal After Raptors Victory

Last night, the Toronto Raptors celebrated an incredible 114-110 win against the Golden State Warriors. This win marks the team's first Championship. Canadians all over the country cheered the team on last night.

Even Quebec, a province known for its tenacious loyalty to the Habs, got swept up in the NBA Finals fever. Montreal hosted huge outdoor viewings on Peel street for Game 5 and 6 of the NBA Finals: the city's own "Jurassic Park."

In Toronto, many fans who watched the game at "Jurassic Park" got caught up in a riot that destroyed cop cars. Montrealers also got carried away with the festivities. A video shows the extent of the damage done by Raptors fans in the city.

A video taken by N.K Quatre shows revellers taking to the streets of Montreal to celebrate aggressively. It depicts fans standing on the roofs of cars, lighting fireworks and fighting.

One taxi driver who got caught in the riot looks particularly unimpressed by the Raptors fans who stood on the roof of his car, leaving marks. 

Another taxi rolls over a sparkler that was lit moments before. Fans point at the car and urge it to get out of the way, while other fans try to put the sparkler out.

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These are not the only pyrotechnics we see in the video. Sparklers are lit by a crowd early on in the video, while police try to escort people away to avoid injuries created by the flames.

Later in the video we see fireworks going off in the sky.

People are evidently hyped up about their favourite team winning the game: aside from the previously mentioned jumping on cars, fans can be seen running and cheering in the streets.

Some people were obviously looking for a fight: near the end of the video, fans can be seen exchanging blows in the street.

Of course, not all fans all terrible: some fun fans donned exciting costumes for the game, and most people dispersed before the debauchery began. This photo was submitted to MTLBlog by MJ Anim’Action Inc.

[rebelmouse-image 26891882 photo_credit="MJ Anim'action" expand=1 original_size="750x948"] MJ Anim'action

Police ended up dispersing rioters with tear gas. According to the videographer, most people had dispersed by 12:30 a.m.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

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