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Video Shows Flaming Garbage Truck Shooting Out Columns Of Fire In The Plateau Last Night

If you were around the Plateau area last night, specifically near the corner of rues Rachel and Clark, you may have noticed a certain smell in the air. 

It was the smell that only garbage....on a garbage truck during the summer can produce.  

There were quite a few bystanders with phones in hand and at least two of them managed to catch the fire on video. You can check out the videos below

The first video was taken at approximately 8 PM by Instagrammer @nickyhartmann. There is no word yet on what started the fire in the garbage truck. But luckily no one was hurt, though he says nearby cars were damaged. 

When asked about the fire @nickyhartmann said, "...I just turned the corner after a run and the truck had just started burning. Me and my friend had our cars parked right beside but we got lucky it didn't affect [our] cars."

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Instagram user @911_jean also captured the fire on video. He arrived on the scene at the same time as the fire department. You can see the full Youtube videohere

According to his Youtube page, the firefighters took extra precautions in making sure the fire was put out, even when there were no visible flames, as the truck was equipped with a propane tank.

A few people even took to Twitter, capturing the wonders and sometime hilarity of Montreal. 

Stay tuned for more details.

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