At around 11:00 p.m. on Friday night an altercation took place in the Montreal metro between two men and a group of teenagers. A video shows a heated exchange in an Azur metro car on the orange line.

Several people intervened to try to calm down the two groups. An eyewitness describes the altercations as "aggressive and racist."

This is not the first of such altercations in Canada. In British Columbia, a woman is under fire for assaulting a group of teens because they did not speak English.

The video, sent to MTL Blog was taken late on Friday night. It shows a group of teens, apparently Algerian-Québécois, celebrating the victory of Algeria in the Africa Cup of Nations.


The eyewitness states that "a group of Algerian teenagers with Algerian flags boarded the metro, celebrating and chanting that [they] were the champions."

The person who took the video alleges that two men then went up to the teens, yelling "Ici c'est le Québec!" ("This is Québec").

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You can watch the video below.

The video shows one of the teens saying "sit down," which angers a man in a white t-shirt with a champion logo. People nearby quickly move to avoid becoming a part of the confrontation.

Another man steps up to aid the man in the white t-shirt, and the two groups have a heated conversation.

It is hard to make out what words are exchanged between the two groups, but you can just make out a man saying "ici c'est le Québec" about halfway through.

According to the eyewitness, one of the men later grabbed one of the Algerian flags, and the two men had a physical altercation with the teens.

The eyewitness concedes that, though the metro isn't the place to be singing loudly, the men "behaved like racists without taking into consideration the fact that these were just teens celebrating their country's victory."