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Video Shows Racist Man Verbally Assault Montreal Women & Toddler

One of the woman says he began his attack after hearing them speak Arabic.
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Video Shows Racist Man Verbally Assault Montreal Women & Toddler

Content warning: This article contains footage that depicts an individual using obscene, misogynistic language.

A Montreal resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, has shared a video with MTL Blog that she took during an heinous encounter with a man in the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville on blvd. St-Laurent. 

In the video, the man berates the two women and the accompanying toddler using obscene, misogynistic language.

He did this, the anonymous reader says, because he heard them speaking Arabic.

Neither of the women were wearing religious symbols at the time, she states.

"Don't take my photo!" the man says as he approaches the women.

"Why are you attacking me with my baby?" one woman exclaims. "I'm calling my husband right away!"

The man then approaches the toddler, a 4-year-old girl, and demands, "ask your mother if I can f*** her!"

The toddler bursts into tears and screams as the man hurries away while hurling misogynistic labels at the woman taking the video.

View the videobelow or skip it by scrolling down. Be warned that it is extremely upsetting and offensive.

In the background of the video, nearby pedestrians can be heard rushing to intervene. The attacker flips off a man across the street as the video ends.

[rebelmouse-image 26890749 photo_credit="MTL Blog via anonymous source." expand=1 original_size="3264x1632"] MTL Blog via anonymous source.

One of the women later called the police.

On Twitter, the SPVM confirmed it is investigating.

Earlier this year, Quebec premier François Legault asserted that there is no Islamophobia in the province. He later backtracked by explaining that Islamophobia does, indeed, exist, but insists it's not systemic.

Legault has also refused to believe that Muslim women have been targeted with racist assaults since his government introduced a ban on religious symbols for public servants — a law that disporportionately affects religious minorities.

Stay tuned for updates. The man in the latest incident has not been identified.

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