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Video Shows STM Bus Driver Stop His Bus Just To Get Tim Hortons And Make All His Passengers Wait

With all the snow and ice in the winter, delays on public transit are unavoidable, and we just have to plan around them. Though these delays can be frustrating, they're no one's fault. What is frustrating is having someone delay your route for no apparent reason.

That's exactly what happened in a video shared to Facebook this morning. The video shows an STM bus driver driving the 191 line stopping his bus at a Tim Horton's and getting off to grab a coffee. 

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TL;DR An STM bus driver has been routinely stopping his bus along his bus route to get off and grab a quick Timmie's, delaying the bus from anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

The video, which you can see is clearly filmed in a bus due to the glare in the window, shows the bus driver getting off the bus to grab a cup of coffee. Roll up the Rim really has people doing anything to win, I guess...

The person who took the video clearly has a sense of humour, inserting the "one eternity later" still from the Spongebob series into the video.

However, the situation isn't all that funny for all the commuters who were late to work because of this. We were told that this is a common occurence on the 191, and that delays incurred are of 5 to 10 minutes. 

Of course, buses sometimes need to make longer stops at certain stations to make sure that they remain on schedule and don't get ahead of their route. But to stop at a Tim Horton's just to get coffeee seems excessive, even for a Quebecer.

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The person who submitted the video says that this has happened regularly in the last two weeks. He has sent messages to the STM twice about this situation, but that he has not gotten a reply.

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