Videos Show Intense Flooding In Montreal, Many Still Without Power

Pointe-Saint-Charles residents have been dealing with this for two days.
Videos Show Intense Flooding In Montreal, Many Still Without Power

A water main burst in Pointe-Saint-Charles, on the corner of Centre and Shearer. A video submitted to MTLBlog shows a flooded street.

According to a Pointe-Saint-Charles resident many buildings, including restaurants, have been without power for two nights already.

The broken water main flooded the streets as well as the basement of the building in which this Pointe-Saint-Charles resident lives. The flood caused a power outage.

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TL;DR A water main broke in Montreal's Pointe-Saint-Charles yesterday evening. Surrounding buildings, at least one of which has flooded, have not had power since yesterday.

Two nights ago, on Wednesday, March 20, a water main broke, tearing up a large part of the street on the corner of Centre and Shearer. This caused a power outage for at least one building and several restaurants.

This video shows the extent of the flooding on the street. The best part about this video is the bus that slowly, resignedly skirts the massive puddle.

Construction on this water main has been ongoing since the break, but this has done little to stop the water from flowing. 

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This Pointe-Saint-Charles resident's building is flooded with at least one foot of water. Electricians have still not stopped by to restore power.

In true Montreal fashion, a huge hole was torn into the street to fix the problem, essentially adding to the chaos.

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We called 3-1-1 to get an estimate of when repairs will be finished, but they do not have a timeline at this moment.

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