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Videos Show Big Line & Employees Wiping Carts At West Island Costco Amid Coronavirus Panic

COVID-19 fears have led to runs on Costco across the continent.
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On Monday, a West Island Costco had lineups along the front of the building as coronavirus fears drive Canadians to wholesale markets across the country. As more cases are diagnosed across the country, people are going out en masse to Costcos and leaving empty shelves in their wake in some places. Videos taken by MTL Blog reader Rashmi Sivarajah show what she says is one such situation at Costco Pointe-Claire.

The footage shows a line extending the length of the store and, according to Sivarajah, employees wiping cart handles.

Several media outlets have reported similar scenes and empty shelves at Costcos in Ontario, B.C., and California.

"People are seriously freaking out about coronavirus," wrote one Twitter user.

In Ontario, there are 18 confirmed cases and another eight in British Columbia.

MTL Blog has reached out to Costo Wholesale for comment and will update this article when we receive a response.

In the first video, customers patiently wait to get into the store as the line grows behind them.

Huge lineup at Costco Pointe-Claire 

Sivarajah tells MTL Blog that employees were disinfecting carts before customers entered the warehouse.

The manager at the Pointe-Claire Costco would not comment on the situation or confirm this was the case.

Employees disinfecting carts at Costco Pointe-Claire 

But MTL Blog confirms that as of Monday afternoon, employees are still wiping carts.

Sivarajah tells MTL Blog that she decided to hit Costco to prepare for the worst. 

"I have two kids and wanted to stock up on non-perishable food items so I don't need to stress out about food if there is ever an outbreak here in Montreal."

READ ALSO: Quebec Has First Presumptive Case Of COVID-19 In Montreal

Quebec's Health Minister Danielle McCann confirmed the province's first official case of COVID-19 on Friday.

Montreal public health director Dr. Mylène Drouin reported that the patient arrived in Montreal via Iran and showed mild symptoms. The patient is currently under quarantine. 

"Quebec has taken the necessary measures, putting in place an effective and reliable system, in addition to our well-established care protocols. The network is working closely with all the partners involved to ensure that Quebecers are well protected," said Dr. Drouin.

Stay updated on all the latest COVID-19 developments at the Government of Canada website

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