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Ville-Marie Is Raising Parking Permit Prices For Some Vehicles To Reduce Traffic Downtown

Maybe it's time to consider riding a bike?
Ville-Marie Is Raising Parking Permit Prices For Some Vehicles To Reduce Traffic Downtown

During a borough council meeting, Mayor Valérie Plante announced that the Ville-Marie will revise the price of parking permits. The new cost of on-street parking in the central borough will depend on the size of vehicle engines. Although on-street parking will be more expensive than ever before for many vehicles, it'll still be cheaper than buying a spot in a parking lot. 

In a statement, Mayor Plante remarked that “Ville-Marie's parking rates have not been reviewed since 1989; its revision is necessary to meet the current needs of residents, better reflect the value of the public domain and promote the achievement of our target of 55% reduction in greenhouse gases."

The new pricing aims to improve the stock of on-street parking in the downtown core. Montrealers that live in Ville-Marie often can't find adequate parking and the city hope "to promote the use of the many mobility options available in the city center."

She added that "the new pricing system is necessary for a climate emergency context and will make it possible to give space to the citizens of Ville-Marie without compromising the economic vitality of the borough and the financial security of the most vulnerable people."

There are four categories in the new pricing scheme. These figures represent an annual fee. 

  • 1.6 L engines or less and electric vehicles, $100/year

  • 1.7 L to 2.4 L engines, $150/year 

  • 2.5 L to 3.4 L engines, $200/year

  • 3.5 L engines and more $250/year

The city will allocate a limit of two permits per resident, with the cost of obtaining a second vignette at $350 a year. Low-income individuals can qualify for special pricing if they require a parking permit. 

Mayor Plante said that "the new parking revenues will contribute to maintaining services to citizens and to the ecological transition [of Montreal]."

The new annual pricing for parking vignettes in downtown Montreal will come into effect on April 1, 2020.

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The city estimates that as much as 30% of vehicle traffic in the downtown core is caused by people looking for a parking spot. 

Because of such a lack of adequate on-street parking spots, many Montrealers turn to private parking lots. Though many have hourly options, many residents are looking for a more permanent situation.

There are plenty of choices, but each comes at a steep price. 

Local company Stationnement de Montréal has 30 parking lots scattered throughout the city, with both hourly and monthly payment options. Indigo Parking boasts well over 50 parking lots across the island. 

Price-wise, a Stationnement de Montréal monthly permit at the corner of Saint-Antoine and Torrance (near the Bell Centre) will run you $147 per month — a yearly cost of $1,764. 

Further up the street at the Cité Internationale, a monthly Indigo parking permit comes at a cost of $305 — or $3,660 per year. 

[rebelmouse-image 26886850 photo_credit="Jerome Cid |" expand=1 original_size="2000x1500"] Jerome Cid |

If you live in Ville-Marie or any other borough, you can register to obtain an on-street residential parking permit here.

More information about changes to the pricing scheme for resident parking permits is available here.

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