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Montreal's New Dating App Actually Sets Up An Entire Date For You And Your Match

Say goodbye to endless texts and hello to real relationships.

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  • Wandure is a first-of-its-kind dating app, launched in 2019 for Montreal and Ottawa. It focuses on establishing in-person interactions and real chemistry.
  • Designed to foster meaningful relationships, Wandure brings dating back into the real world by booking surprise dates with your online matches. 
  • Avoid endless texting doomed to the digital sphere. Instead, explore your city while you meet your match on a surprise date curated by Wandure

If you have any experience with online dating, chances are you know the depressing onslaught of meaningless (and seemingly endless) online convos. These tedious texts either lead to a virtual wasteland of redundant small talk or to the inevitable ghosting (read: disappointment and wasted time).

Like the rest of us, you're probably tired of these virtual dead-ends that never seem to break through into reality. Not only that — you deserve better! This is where Wandure comes into play: a cutting-edge dating app changing the game from match 'n chat to match 'n meet. 

Founded by members with first-hand insight into the truths of online dating, this app has the singular mission of fostering meaningful relationships in the real world. Launched in Ottawa and Montreal, Wandure breaks down the barriers of the digital world, making it easier than ever to find your perfect match.

You might be curious as to how exactly this works. Well, have you ever found someone interesting and awesome, but it never seemed to move past digital communication? Wandure cuts right through that nonsense. When users match, the app takes the first step by planning and booking a surprise date for you!

Based on your availability, mutual interests, and budget, the app takes initiative (so no one awkwardly has to). Gone are the days of carpel-tunnel from endless swiping. Now your dating life can be about what it was always meant to — DATING. 

It's a pretty easy process, too. Just set up your account (you know the drill: flattering pics, witty details, and honest answers). From there, the game changes entirely. You will see fellow users who simply want to find love in the real world. Slide left to keep looking, and right if you're dazzled; you'll see, there are some real catches in this city!

Once you slide right, just provide your date, budget, and availability. Wandure will book the date for you based on things you're both into — how cool is that?! But, that's not all. 

The app is determined to give you that chance at a real spark. Avoid chatting needlessly beforehand. Only once you find out where you're going (24 hours before the date) can you chat with your match. Save the nerves and small talk — build excitement instead (you know that's the best part).

So, take the leap and put your dating focus on genuine and authentic. Bring dating back into the real world (with a little help from tech). I mean, the chance to explore your city and interests while you explore your matches — what's better than that? 

The Wandure Dating App

Price: Download for free!

When: Install the app and get started right away.

Where: Available in Montreal & Ottawa.

Why You Need To Try It: Find your perfect match and get matched with surprise dates. Bring dating back into the real world. 

Ready to find your real-world match? Check out their website and download the Wandure app today. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep current on this awesome dating development.