Warning: Frost Advisory In Effect For Quebec

The province is still in winter's cold grip.
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Warning: Frost Advisory In Effect For Quebec

Yesterday, we warned you that some snow was on the way to the Montreal area and naturally, you all freaked out. Trust us, so did we. If you were awake early enough this morning, you might've seen a couple of frosty flurries fall from the sky.

While snow in late April is some cause for alarm, there's no way that any massive accumulation will take place (...right?). Wintery April weather typically means frost, flurries, and a combination of rain and slush that is just annoying. 

Winter refuses to go away for the time being so let's hunker down and wait until the gorgeous weather arrives. Don't prepare your outdoor garden just yet because we're in the midst of a frost advisory for the Montreal region. 

As of 4:30 AM this morning, along with the slight flurries, a bout of frost gripped the area. The advisory is in effect for tomorrow morning as well. Don't worry, we won't be looking like the above picture anytime soon, but hey, anything is possible. 

According to the Weather Networkovernight temperatures will dip slightly below freezing tonight and will blanket the region in chilly frost. And no, this doesn't mean the Night King is on his way. 

It'll be a long, cold night tonight so make sure to tuck in tight!

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Since the night is apparently dark and full of terrors, here's a shot of an adorable arctic fox living his best life in the snow. 

We should all take a page from this dude's book and enjoy the last vestiges of winter while we can. Before you know it, we'll be complaining about how hot it is. 

As we all know, it's not Montreal without weather complaints. This Sunday, in fact, it'll be 19-degrees, so stop complaining about a tiny bit of frost, ok? 

Farmers will definitely have something to complain about over us city dwellers because some have already begun to plant their spring crops. If you're a farmer and reading this, make sure to prepare.

Can't wait for summertime? You'll have to be patient for just another week! 

Montreal gets no spring, I know, it sucks but hey, at least we can avoid allergy season? Actually, nope. Oy vey. 


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