Warning: It's Going To Be Super Wet In Quebec This Summer

Forecasts predict above average rainfall for the region.
Warning: It's Going To Be Super Wet In Quebec This Summer

Believe us when we say that we're just as sick of hearing about terrible weather as much as you are. It's almost summer, dammit! We deserve nothing but the best after a long, harsh winter. Unfortunately, this won't be the case for much of summer. 

You've probably seen that we've cancelled summer in Montreal but now, it's officially official. According to The Weather Network's annual summer forecast, much of Southern Quebec is expected to experience heavy amounts of rainfall over the next few months. Big time crying face emoji. 

The experts over at The Network call for a "humid and changeable summer" across most of the Quebec region with way less extreme heat compared to last year. Remember when we were all complaining about how hot it was while our A/Cs struggled against the heat wave? Well, expect to be complaining about the constant rain. 

While we do live in a marshy, kinda swampy area of the St. Lawrence River Valley, why do we have to experience this nastiness all the time, Montreal? Hold me while I cry.

Now, keep in mind, we aren't saying that it's gonna be cold all summer. Quebec is expected to see seasonal temperatures throughout the summer months save for much more water and wind and rain. UGH. 

We'll being to notice a big difference in June, when temperatures are expected to be below seasonal for much of the month. In July, temperatures could regulate back to their normal levels, but it'll still rain quite a bit. 

The reason for all this mess is that, according to The Weather Network, Southern Quebec is a hotbed for two clashing weather patterns all summer long. Stormy weather brings an increased risk of thunderstorms and flash flooding as well, so stay on alert for flood warning in your area.

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While it might be time to invest in some galoshes, don't pack away the shorts and t-shirts! With moist weather comes humidity and with humidity comes intense heat. Keep in mind that even though it might only be 25 degrees, the humidex factor could push that into the mid-30s. 

Don't let the upcoming gross weather derail your summer plans! There are plenty of things to do from unforgettable adventures to awesome festivals and even amazingly cheap restaurants to discover. 

As much as we hate to be the bearers of bad news, prepare for a wet and dreary summer, Quebec!

Remember too that you might catch a glimpse of a double rainbow! Or even a triple rainbow if you're lucky! 

To consult The Weather Network's complete Summer 2019 forecast, click here