Warning: Montreal Will Be Hit With 7 Days Of Rain

This will only add to the already precarious flood situation across the province.
Warning: Montreal Will Be Hit With 7 Days Of Rain

Just when we thought the beautiful weather was here to stay, Montreal is about to give us seven days straight of rain. 

Not only does this weather suck for getting our Spring on, but it is also somewhat worrisome, considering the flooding that is currently happening across the province.

Up in Quebec City,Environment Canada is even warning of a "Storm Surge," that warns of likely flooding along the St. Lawrence River. 

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TL;DR As the province is on high alert due to flooding, Montreal can expect seven days of rain this week, which is sure to add to the overall increase in floodwater in the region. 

[rebelmouse-image 26893339 photo_credit="The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="567x488"] The Weather Network

As you can see above, even on days when we are expected to see sun there is still a forecasted amount of rain within the 24 hr period. 

So while we might see some sun, these days (or nights) may inevitably still bring rain to the city. 

In the tweet above, sent out over the weekend by the city of Montreal, the city is warning citizens to be aware of rising flood waters.

With expected rain all week, the threat of flooding on the island is even greater.

The tweet above actually shows that last week Montreal broke a rainfall record. This past April 19th was the wettest in recorded history, which goes back as far as 1872.

So while we anticipate more rain this week, be aware of your region and if you start to see an accumulation of water, be sure to reach out to your municipality to inform authorities. 

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