Warning: Potential Measles Exposure In Montreal At McGill University Health Centre

Those who were in the building at the time and not immunized needs to take immediate action.
Warning: Potential Measles Exposure In Montreal At McGill University Health Centre

Measles have made an unfortunate comeback in North America. A small outbreak that reportedly began as a series of cases in the Anti-Vaxxer community on the west coast has spread across Canada and the United States.

Those immunized against measles have little to worry about. But infants and people with compromised immune systems are particularly at risk.

Now, it appears the infection has spread to Montreal.

McGill University Health Centre officials released a warning yesterday for visitors to the centre between specific dates, as they may have been exposed to the measles virus.

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TL;DR MUHC released a statement yesterday, warning anyone who was in the Glen site from March 23 to 27 of possible measles exposure. Those who were in the building during those dates and are unsure about their status must present their immunization records immediately and call 514-934-8007 with any concerns.

Visitors of the Glen site from the dates March 23 to March 27 may have been in contact with an employee that was carrying the virus, as they worked several shifts over the course of this period.

According to the MUHC release, "all patients and personnel who worked in or visited the following locations during the hours specified below that they may have been exposed to the measles virus:"

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Officials ask that anyone present in the building during the time of the contamination period must present their immunization records immediately if they are unsure about their status. 

Those who are immune have no further action to take. Check the MUHC site to verify that you are "protected against measles."

Dr. Marie-Astrid Lefebvre, MUHC Infectious Diseases Specialist, explains in the statement that, “for the moment, there is no evidence that the disease has been transmitted to other people, but we will continue to monitor the situation closely until the end of the incubation period. In addition, we are reassured that the vast majority of people exposed are most likely immune to the measles virus.”

Symptoms can take time to show up in an infected person, which is why anyone who is not immunized against measles and was in the building at these specified times should contact MUHC right away.

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Just dial the number 514-934-8007 to have a nurse contact you back within 24 to 48 hours.

In case you didn't know, symptoms of measles include fever, cough, runny nose, stuffy nose, red eyes and tiny, and white spots inside the mouth.

Stay tuned for more updates on the possible measles outbreak in Montreal.

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