Warning: Saint-Laurent Metro Station Has Been Completely Shut Down

Neither metro trains or buses will be stopping at the station.
Warning: Saint-Laurent Metro Station Has Been Completely Shut Down

Montreal really does not do well during extremely hot days, especially this weekend. 

And to start yet another extreme heat week; the STM Twitter account @stm_verte just let us know that Station Saint Laurent on the green line is currently shut down until further notice.

There will be a lot of hot, annoyed and late for work commuters this Monday morning. 

The @stm_Verte Twitter account wrote that Saint Laurent metro is closed due to an '@SPVM intervention.'

We contacted the STM for comment and a rep told us, "The station is currently closed due to a crime scene outside. There is no shuttle put in place. The station will reopen when the SPVM gives permission."

An SPVM rep confirmed the shutdown of the busy metro station was due to thefatal stabbing incident last night.

When asked when the station would be re-opened to passengers, the representative from the SPVM admitted they had, "no idea," when the station could begin to accept commuters again.

Two men were stabbed in the Plateau near the metro last night. One 18-year-old died due to his injuries. The station was also closed for a period of time last night.  You can read the full story here.

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As noted there is currentlyno shuttle set up. So Montreal commuters who need to access this metro to get to their jobs will have to get off at Berri-Uqam or Place des Arts metros which are also on the green line.

Translation: Hello, the time of reopening is not yet known. We will inform you as soon as the information will be communicated to us! Thank you for your understanding.

The buses that regularly stop at the station are being re-routed to neighbouring streets. (Those lines include the #15, #55, #80 and #129.)

If you're on the orange line, you can also get off at Champs des Mars, depending on where you need to go on St. Laurent (and if you don't want mind a little walk), it will save you the transfer.

We hope that it will be back up and running soon for everyone that needs it! 

We will be sure to update you with any more news concerning the Saint Laurent metro station

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