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We Asked Montrealers: What Do You Consider Cheating?

And how sneaky are you with your phone?
We Asked Montrealers: What Do You Consider Cheating?

MTL Blog's very own Olivia Lyle was out on the street to speaking with Montrealers about that pervasive relationship problem: cheating.

After coming across a poll published by the Toronto-based Private Investigators company Investigation Hotline, we wanted to see how Montrealers stacked up against the national data. 

The poll asked Canadians if they had seriously considered cheating and also if they had ever actually gone through with the act. 

A lot of the data was quite shocking, with worldwide numbers indicating that 41% of married individuals admit to committing physical or emotional infidelity... and that's just the ones who are willing to admit to it.

As Olivia mentions in the video above, the worldwide numbers also indicate that 57% of men and 54% of women admit to cheating in a past relationship.

I find it particularly interesting (and important to include) that 17% of Canadians females consider watching porn as cheating. 

Also, Canadians numbers are a lot less tragic and heartbreaking than the worldwide numbers, with only 10% of Canadians actually admitting to having cheated on their significant other.

So how do Montrealers compare to the rest of Canada... well we weren't able to get anyone on video admitting to adultery, no surprise there.

But the answers we did get show a very interesting trend.

With the new and ever-evolving presence of technology in our lives and there in our relationships, phone privacy was one of the biggest discussion points.

Many people imply that demanding trust from your partner is the reason they would withhold their phone from their partner.

But, of course, the flip side of that is the idea that if you have nothing to hide, you'd have no reason to care whether or not your partner had access to your phone.

Let's keep the conversation going. Shoot us a tweet @mtlblog and let us know what you think about cheating.

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